This page is for official Intergroup business. If you would like to email anyone at  Intergroup please go to the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the home page for a full listing of email addresses. Thank you.

To download a PDF of the instructions below, click here.

If you are already familiar with our email system, and don’t need the instructions below, you can go directly to the webmail login page by clicking here.

HOW TO ACCESS EMAILS for Officers, Chairs, Committees, Newsletter editor        

Emails for Ocean and Bay Intergroup positions can be accessed and checked online as well as responded to from the online mail box found at this link:

Once you get to this link you will see:

Email address: Use the email address assigned for your intergroup position.

Password:  Use the password assigned for your intergroup position.

You will be directed to a page. In the upper left corner click on “roundcube” or “Open” for the email inbox. You will see emails directed to your position/responsibility. When you reply to an email, please REPLY ALL if there are other email addresses in the email you receive.

Note that there may be ads, marketing emails, etc. which you can ignore or delete.

Rotation of Service: When a fellow leaves their intergroup position the new incoming member uses the Oceanandbay email address for that position. Please DO NOT USE the intergroup email address for personal business.

Passwords: If necessary forgotten passwords can be updated by the webteam. Also, if someone leaves abruptly the password may be changed by the webteam for security or if we need to access the email account to pass it along to an incoming position.

Multiple Hat Members: Members who have more than one service position and will need to receive more than one forwarding email will be allocated their own email to receive all the emails.

Please note that new IG emails can be added for newly created positions.

Questions, Concerns or Changes please email 

The following is a list of current email addresses, positions, and descriptions:

ig@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to include ALL board members.  
chair@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to the current Chair.
vice-chair@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to the current Vicechair.
treasurer@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to the current Treasurer 
secretary@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to the current Secretary
info@oceanandbay.orgThe email listed on Emails are forwarded to the board, webteam and other relevant parties
literature@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to literature chair
newsletter@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to newsletter editor.
webteam@oceanandbay.orgWebsite inquiries forwarded to webteam members
webmaster@oceanandbay.orgEmails for webmaster
workshops@oceanandbay.orgGeneral email forwarded to workshops chair.
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