We read OA-approved literature, which includes numerous books, study guides, pamphlets, wallet cards, and selected Alcoholics Anonymous texts. All this material provides insight into our disease and the experience, strength, and hope that there is a solution for us.

For Local Literature Sales, email Susanna: literature@oceanandbay.org

A word from OA World Service: About sharing OA literature in virtual meetings

Over the past eighteen months, with the need to meet virtually as a result of the global health emergency, most OA meetings have been meeting using virtual means. Groups are primarily using web-based applications, such as Zoom and MS Teams.At the World Service Business Conference committee meetings, questions arose from the delegation as to the appropriate use of OA-owned material protected by copyright with regards to online screen sharing or online posting when the OA material is purchased or downloaded for free from oa.org. OA members will appreciate that all OA materials are protected under copyright law, and the copyright is owned by Overeaters Anonymous,Inc. Any unauthorized reproduction and distribution of OA material is considered copyright infringement. The materials that are downloadable for free at oa.org are authorized by Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. to be screen shared during a registered OA group meeting. This includes all files in the Document Library on oa.org, as well as:

  • The Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous
  • The Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous
  • The Twelve Concepts of OA Service
  • The OA Preamble
  • Our Invitation to You
  • The Fifteen Questions
  • The Tools of Recovery (abridged)
  • Welcome Home! (Abridged) -found on page nine of the Suggested Meeting Format
  • The OA Promise(I Put My Hand in Yours)
  • The OA Responsibility Pledge

When sharing OA materials that were downloaded for free from oa.org, cite the source by adding the following copyright statement: “Copyright Overeaters Anonymous. All rights reserved.” It is recommended that the statement appears on each page that is screen shared. All other OA material may not be photocopied, quoted by being retyped into a new document, reproduced on social media or meeting apps, recorded, screen shared, or otherwise reproduced without OA permission.Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. supports its mission and associated expenses with proceeds derived from the sale of OA materials. Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. has made certain materials available on the oa.org website for free download to registered OA groups to facilitate these groups in their meetings. Therefore, do not post on line or screen share OA material purchased either from Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. or another vendor selling OA material.Tradition Four states “Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or OA as a whole.”Continuing to take the action of screen sharing purchased OA-owned material without permission affects OA as a whole. While our Steps, Traditions, and Concepts are our governing ideals, following the law is actually a more primary responsibility. This is NOT a topic for group conscience; if your meeting is doing this, it should stop immediately. Please contact your Region Chair or Trustee if you have any questions.Thank you for your cooperation,OA Board of Trustees

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Copyright Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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