Ocean and Bay Intergroup’s primary purpose is to aid those with the problem of compulsive eating (which includes obesity, anorexia and bulimia) and to serve and represent the OA meetings from which the organization is formed.

The Intergroup offers support and resources to local meetings and members and stocks OA literature for groups. Ocean and Bay Intergroup maintains a web site, a monthly newsletter, and a meeting directory. The group provides outreach and educates healthcare and other professionals about the Overeaters Anonymous program of recovery.

The Intergroup also organizes workshops, and other special activities to increase fellowship and recovery with other compulsive eaters. In addition to its responsibilities to local meetings and members, Ocean and Bay Intergroup also participates in OA governance at the regional and national levels.

All area meetings and members are strongly encouraged to become active participants in helping the Intergroup carry out its mission.

Ocean and Bay Intergroup welcomes your participation, feedback and questions.

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