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To make a 7th Tradition donation through venmo search for: @oceanandbayintergroup

This is the PayPal QR code.

Checks or Money Orders: Individual members and groups can send checks and money orders to any OA service body. To send contributions directly to Ocean & Bay Intergroup, please use the mailing address below and please include your meeting or group number in the memo section, if your contribution is on behalf of a group.

Our Seventh Tradition states that: “Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions“. While no fees or dues are required for membership, OA members have a responsibility to keep our rooms open, provide opportunities for fellowship, and spread our message of recovery.

To make a Seventh Tradition Contribution via Paypal:
You can contribute individually or on behalf of a group. If you are contributing for a group, please add your Meeting # and/or Time & Date of Meeting. It is important to include this information so we can give credit to the appropriate group.”

Ocean & Bay Intergroup
7th Tradition
PO Box 2243, East Greenwich RI 02818

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