York Womens’ Prison is seeking volunteers

York Womens’ Prison in Niantic, CT is seeking volunteers to facilitate
an OA meeting once a week in an addiction services program.
Volunteers from Southeastern CT and Southwestern CT had
previously done this service for years until COVID shut it down. There
had been 4 or more of us, so each volunteer went once/month either
alone or with a partner.
We learned that for many of these women food addiction was their
life-long problem which they tried to control with drugs. Once drugs
and alcohol and everything else “pleasurable” was taken away in
prison, the food addiction, including bulimia, became an enormous
Those of us who did this important service for years found the
honest and heartfelt sharing from these women extremely moving.
As in all service opportunities, we received as much or more than we
Security check and training session will be required.
For more information or if interested, contact Kathy W
phone or text 860-608-3480
email kathyw19@gmail.com

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