Welcome to OA.

Have you ever worn a mask or hundreds of masks because you were sure that if you shared the
person you really were no one would ever love or accept you? We accept you in OA. May we
offer you a home?

Overeaters Anonymous extends to all of you the gift of acceptance. No matter who you are,
where you come from or where you are heading, you are welcome here! No matter what you
have done or failed to do, what you have felt or haven’t felt, where you have slept, or with
whom, who you have loved or hated – you can be sure of our acceptance. We accept you as you
are, not as you would be if you could melt yourself and mold yourself and shape yourself into
what other people think you should be. Only you can decide what you want to be.
Welcome to OA, Welcome Home!

Overeaters Anonymous extends to all of you  the gift of acceptance.

We will help you work for the goals you set, and when you are successful we will rejoice
with you; and when you slip, we will tell you that you are not a failure just because you sometimes
fail. We’ll hold out our hands, in love, and stand beside you as you pull yourself back up
and walk again. You’ll never have to be alone again.

Welcome to OA, Welcome Home!
Sometimes we fail to be all that we could be, and sometimes we aren’t there to give you all
you need. Accept our imperfections, too. We learn and grow together in Overeaters Anonymous. Let’s rejoice in our efforts and in the assurance that we can have a home here.
Welcome to OA, Welcome Home!

- "Lifeline Sampler" pp 173-174
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