If you are thinking of taking your program to the next level, Ocean and Bay’s recovery journal is something you may want to purchase. This spiral-bound, 120 page journal spans a 60 day period and allows you to structure your day around your recovery from food addiction. It allows you to use the tool of writing in a very effective way.  Asking questions like “Today was I resentful, selfish, dishonest?”  It also helps to get to the root of our daily fears.  It includes a gratitude list, a food log, and prompts like: “Something I like about myself.”  There’s even check-off boxes for daily water consumption.  It also includes a freedom from bondage prayer that you can actually participate in.  It makes a great addition to support recovery!

The Ocean and Bay Recovery Journal is $15.00 USD (+ shipping $7.50). Please pay this amount to the Ocean & Bay 7th Tradition, and mark your contribution as ‘journal’. International shipping available on request. Please email any questions to literature@oceanandbay.org.

Or you can print out the order form, click HERE and follow the instructions.

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