2 Way Prayer Meetings

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Welcome to Ocean and Bay Intergroup’s listing of meetings. We offer a range of meetings in person, by phone, on zoom and even some hybrid meetings! Please click on the individual event listings below for further details about the meeting you are interested in and how to join. You do not have to register to attend an OA meeting. The meeting times listed on this calendar automatically update to your own local time.

Click Here for a printable PDF file of Ocean and Bay Intergroup’s meeting information.

Please note: Open meetings welcome family members, friends and medical practitioners to join along with members. Closed meetings are intended only for those who suffer from compulsive eating or compulsive eating behaviors. Click here to find out more about the different types of meetings OA has to offer.

If you have any questions, or problems accessing a meeting, please email info@admin

Keeping your meeting information current not only makes it easier for newcomers and members to find you, but is also another way for you to practice the Twelfth Step, by carrying the message to compulsive eaters.

Important Information about Online Meetings

All OA meetings are autonomous and each meeting will have established their own procedures and security protocols to keep the meeting safe for all to attend. Anyone can log into the meeting, so in the spirit of your own safety and security, leave your contact information at your own discretion.

Please note that some meetings choose to record all or part of a meeting for playback at a future time. By accessing and using the information on this list, you agree that you have been notified that a meeting may be recorded. To maintain your anonymity, you may use a fictitious name or none at all. You may also listen without speaking. Be advised that in some cases, your phone number, name, or email address may be visible to others in the meeting.

Additional Meeting Resources:

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