Keeping your meeting information current not only makes it easier for newcomers and members to find you, but is also another way for you to practice the Twelfth Step, by carrying the message to compulsive eaters.

To start, please go to to Add, Edit, or Cancel an existing meeting.

ADDING A NEW MEETING: If you are adding a new meeting, please send the meeting registration number and any other details to once you have received confirmation from with your meeting number, so we can add it to the meetings calendar. You are welcome to include images and meeting scripts that your meeting will be using to put on your event listing also.

EDITING AN EXISTING MEETING: Once you have completed the edits to an existing meeting on, please send the updated information to our as well.

CANCELLING AN EXISTING MEETING: If your meeting will no longer be operating, please take the time to update the listing on to indicate that the meeting is cancelled. Please also email to notify the intergroup so that we can remove the meeting from the calendar.

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