To download the pamphlet and learn more about the 7th Tradition,
click here.

Our Seventh Tradition states that: “Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions“. While no fees or dues are required for membership, OA members have a responsibility to keep our rooms open, provide opportunities for fellowship, and spread our message of recovery.

To make a Seventh Tradition Contribution via Paypal:
You can contribute individually or on behalf of a group. If you are contributing for a group, please add your Meeting # and/or Time & Date of Meeting. It is important to include this information so we can give credit to the appropriate group.”

Click Here to Open the Meeting List
Click Here to find your meeting number on

Checks or Money Orders: Individual members and groups can send checks and money orders to any OA service body. To send contributions directly to Ocean & Bay Intergroup, please use the mailing address below and please include your meeting or group number in the memo section, if your contribution is on behalf of a group.

Ocean & Bay Intergroup
7th Tradition
P.O. Box 41273
Providence, RI

​To give directly to Region 6, click here.

To make a contribution directly to World Service, Click here.

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